Thursday, September 4, 2008

Update from Daniel

Dear Priya Ranjan,

Just about an hour ago I got a call from Dr. Kalpana Shashri(09430830986) who has been active in the relief for women affected by the aftereffects of floods.

She urgently needs the following medicines:

1. Gention Violet Powder form - for fungus infection for women
2. Micostetin Veginal Tablet - for uterus infection
3. Metronidezone and Furozolidone - for diarrhea and dysentri(check spelling!)
4. Vitamin A
5 And Large amounts of plastic sheets (thick ones)

Would you please circulate this info. to as many groups/friends/doctors as possible.

There is urgent need of all this. For address to send material etc. please contact Dr. Kalpana Shashtri. I have known her since many years. (No need to send money, send material.)


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