Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update from 15th and 16th September

Update on 09/16

  • Medical Camp has been organized in these villages phulkha, Gelad, Hasanpur, Ranipakhar, Gamaria, Satarkatia, Sileth, Sittalpatti and Kanp.
  • Educational camp has been conducted along with Pratham team in all places where Government Camp is going on.
  • In Bhojanpathi village 250 food packets has been distributed along with Goonj.
  • Distributed the food and relief material in following places namely Bellore block, Bholadas Tola, Agoha Sesswa, Bake Singhwasa, Deeeraghat bobil, Kogulataman, Mansitola, Keharmandal and BhadakaSinghwasa.
  • Identified 350 small children less than 1 year in Agaha BakeSinghwasa, Patarwa, and Deeraghat, provided milk for 1 week in this area.

Urgent Need:

· Tarpolene

· Utensils

· Clothes of any sizes

Update on 09/17

  • Distributed used clothes food packets, and miscellaneous material like Hand bags etc from Zindal foundation in flood effected area in Khagaria and 2 carton medicine and 1 carton biscuit in Madhepura.
  • With help of Goonj 300 packet of food material has been distributed in Bisanpur Panchayat.
  • 3 Cartoon clothes, 1 carton food mixture and 9 cartoon milk has been distributed through Koshi Relief camp in different surrounding areas.
  • Eureka Camp under supervision of Rajesh Kumar is going on in Koriyapatti camp in Triveniganj block. Distributed 24 kg milk, 360 packet biscuit , 20kg food mixture and around 50 kg utensils.
  • At 0 mile area in Bellore given 80 kg clothes, 40kg food mixture, 45kg milk, 50 kg Gudd which will be distributed in Panchayat.
  • Our Medical camp has treated 135 people yesterday, team of Dr is coming from Chennai, accommodation and other logistics arrangement has been made for them.
  • Our strategy is to focus on these 4 blocks, which are Bellore in Khagaria, Triveniganj and Chatapur in Suffole and Saharsha in Pattarghat. In Bellore and Triveniganj we have already established the place and all.

Two main concern we noticed

  • We still need food material as water is receding there are many village which still need food as there are mthing to eat for villagers
  • Government is forcing people to vacate the relief camp and go to villages by making false promises like Survey etc, but reality is there is no place for these people to live once they come back to their village, we are forcing government to keep the relief camp for some more time.

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