Saturday, September 6, 2008

Latest on Sept 6 in flood relief zone in Bihar

Kamayani is back to Patna after spending 10 days in Araria organizing, she will send an update after meeting Medha Patekar who is also coming to Patna.

Update From Dharmendra's team

  • They are trying to focus in Khagaria district block Beldaur, this area is not as affected compared to Madhepura etc, so it is not in the primary focus of Government administration. Planning to target 8 panchayats in next 8 days covering one panchayat everyday by boat as there is no road transportation available in those areas. They plan to distribute Chura and chana in those, 12 quintal chura ,5 quintal chana ,250 sarees and clothes for small kids(both boys and girls)
  • They are also running a camp in main district of Khagaria where around 1600 people are living out of which 400 are children. They bought 140 kg milk powder and 2100 packets biscuits which will suffice for 1 week.
  • They are also running a camp in Saharsha district where 1000 people are getting food.
  • They have plans to conduct a mobile hospital along with Indus Creative- NGO, the mobile hospital will move from village to village. The hospital will consist of 1 doctor and 2-3 compounders. Expenditure of running a mobile hospital is Rs 5000(Rs 4000 for medicine and Rs 1000 for Van running cost). Initially they plan to run this for 1 month.
  • This will cost them about Rs. 4.5 lakhs to run medical services for three months.

The eight Pachayat are as follows:

1. Mali
2. Bela Piranagara
3. Kishanpore
4. Maihnath Nagar
5. Beldaur Proper
6. Deeghuan
7. Bobil
8. Takrohar
9. Kanjari

Dr Dhanadha Mishra is sending some medicine form Orissa, Balaji from AID Chennai is collecting medicine and clothes in Chennai, he is planning to visit Bihar soon.

Dharmendra's team is looking for some nutrient in powder form (Nutrition packs) which can be readily distributed to children, if anyone knows some one who can donate please contact Dharmendra. His address is in right hand side of this blog.

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