Thursday, September 4, 2008

Latest on Sept 5 in flood relief zone in Bihar

Dharmendra's Team : Sanjay, Manoj Kumar, Umesh

Base Camp in Saharsa

Yesterday they covered Triveniganj block, situation there is terrible as around 300 village have been completely wiped off from the map. Approximately 3 lakh people have been living in camps in Saharsha where our team has distributed following material in 15 panchayat namely Jadiya, Koripaati etc

  • 10 quintal Chura
  • 15 quintal Chana
  • Around 2000 packets of dalmot and biscuits

In Saharsha camp they are distributing powdered milk to small children around 1000s in number every morning, providing dinner consisting of Dal, Chawal and soyabeen sabji to around 1000-2000 people. Situation in camp is extremely bad since children don't have utensil to drink milk and they are using plastic bags to drink it. There are many small infants less than 2-3 months who don't have any thing to drink. They have also arranged for a Dr Rajeev Nandan Verma who has inspected around 750 patients yesterday. They are also helping IMA (Indian Medical Assocation) in running their medical camp.

Today we have send following material with one of our team heading by Gamesh Manav to Madhepura

  • 250 kg Chura
  • 5 quintal Chana
  • 10 quintal Sattu
  • 1000 packet biscuit
  • 500 sarees

Our team has appreciated the great and commendable work done by our armed forces, they are not very happy with the way official of Bihar government are working, people are forced to pay bribery in term of cash or jwellery to cross flood effected area.


Kamayani reports from Araria:

kamayani's feedbak

1, food should more than khichadi which is generic government solution.
2. All size clothing like lungi or sari
3. Despite of money medicines are not being supplied
4. 57 camps in araria, 10k people/camp
5. Need to learn people's needs

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