Friday, July 3, 2009

Ground Video Report-Er. Vivek Umrao Glendenning

Respected Friend,

Ground Video Report has been published at-

I tried to keep videos as live report thus I did not add voice, sound or comment in time of editing videos.
I only tried to add subtitles to make easy for Non-Hindi persons.

I am pretty sure that these type of ground videos are rare of that time.
These videos exposes many realities and definitely are helpful for Human Right Activists, Right to Information Activists and understanding continuous sufferings of Bihar People.
If one would like to see these videos with sincerity and time will understand ground situations.

We could imagine easily for on going rehabilitation works.

My report if mainly concentrated on Government Relief works and Sufferings of Flood Victims but i would like to say that i do not want to make comments on works of NGOs because i do not want that very few sincere voluntary organizations should not be criticized in generalization of word NGO.

I would like to say that about 99% NGOs were concentrated in same areas, caused less efficiency to reduce sufferings of flood victims.
I am working on a detailed written report, i hope it will be published in coming weeks.

I would like to salute common villagers and non-paid local volunteers who saved thousands of lives, looked after millions of people and still supporting to rehabilitate flood victims.

I request you that please look videos related to Koshi River (Koshi Barrage and Kusaha Areas), it will help to understand many lies of Government of Bihar.
I would like to say with my own working experiences that Bihar Media is one of the most unaccountable and insincere media of the India.

I am sending this report to some international organizations by post to aware them for ground realities.
Actions, processes and other things, i leave on values of individuals and organizations.

To produce this report, from cameraman ship to posting of DVDs, all works are done by me.
There are two DVDs in this video report, the set of DVDs will be sent by post on demand.


Er. Vivek Umrao Glendenning MCIJ
Member- The Chartered Institute of Journalists, London
Member- International PEN Sydney Centre
Joint Convener- Non Violent Initiative

+61- 416697156 (Australia)

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