Sunday, November 2, 2008

Aise mani hamari deepawali

Aise mani hamari deepawali

Yesterday was deewali. A festival of light, enjoyment, peace& samridhi. People expecting on deewali that goddess laxmi will come and they will become rich. Children remain happy because they flame candle and burst crackers. My friends start wish to me 2 days before. Everyone was asking me, when are you going your house. I replied to everyone, SADA DEEWALI SANT GHAR. Mere ghar to har din deewali hai, par unke ghar ka kya, jinke liye hamlog last 2 months se kam kar rahe hai.

Afterall I decided to celebrate deewali with sufferer people. Mr. Matt and Mr. russel (Teachers, American School of Bombay) are with me. So first I deceded a viilage that is surrounding of water, Nyatolar village of silet gram Panchayat of saur bazar block of saharsa dist. We went there with 12 kg milk powder and 300 packets of biscuits. We reached there by our vehicle and entered in this by travellinf 1km on boat. Villagers became so happy that cannot be described. They feel that some god from other world has come to me. In the occasion of festival somebody wants to share his pleasure it was a matter of proud for them.

First of all I talked to people about us and Aid India. Then told we want to provide some milk to each family. People (women) gathered at a place with their pot. Pot means Bucket, Tasla etc (not exact utensil for milk).

I told to matt to burn fire in CHULHA to warm water to make milk. He tried to warm water in a village kitchen. It was a matter of pleasure for villagers. E:\flood photo\flood 28.10.08\flood 28.10.08 041.jpg We made milk and distributed to them families list was ready to our volunteer. He called to them one by one. They came and received milk. I cannot describe how they are grateful to us.

Then russel distributed biscuits to all children. E:\flood photo\flood matt\flood matt 126.jpg E:\flood photo\flood matt\flood matt 150.jpgMatt and Russel told, it was actual festival bcz we shared pleasure in sorrow with sufferer people.

We were very satisfied after returning from that village. Dukh to itna hai ki kisi ke bas me nahi hai pura dukh batna but ANDHERE KO KOSHNE SE ACHHA HAI EK DEEP JALAYA JAYE.

Yu to ham patakha nahi fodte hai. Iss bar nahi fodne ka maza hi kuchh aur tha. Sam ko hamsabne mithai khai. Tabtak Lisa (their friend) reaheached at saharsa and we made planning for next day and sleep at 2PM.

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