Monday, October 27, 2008

Update from Dr. Sandeep Pandeya

dear friends,
i'm leaving for bihar on 29th oct. to join asha parivar and NAPM flood relief efforts in madhepura dist. being carried out there under the leadership of mahendra yadav. if any of you wish to send anything with us please let me know immediately. a NAPM-bihar meeting and another 'kosi navnirman manch' meeting will also be organized, details of which are given below.
Meeting of NAPM on 31st October, 2008, to discuss strengthening NAPM-Bihar
Kosi Navnirman Manch to discuss reconstruction work in the flood affected areas on 1st November, 2008
at Paramount School in Babhangama, 6 km from Bihariganj railway station (can be reached via Purnea and Katihar)
Contact: Mahendra Yadav, 9973936658
all those interested in attending these meetings are welcome.
asha parivar & NAPM
p.s. financial contributions can be made in the name of 'asha' and sent to Vallabhacharya Pandey, Village Bhandaha Kalan, Post Kaithi, Varanasi-221116, Ph: (0542) 2618201, 2618301, 2618401, Mobile: 9415256848, donations made to asha are tax exempt under section 80G of IT Act.


saeid said...

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Editor-in-chief: A/Prof. Dr. Saeid Eslamian, IUT, TMU, Australian
University of New South Wales (Ph.D. Adviser: Emeritus Prof. David H.
Pilgrim), Former V. Prof. of Princeton University, United States,
Research Partner of ETH Zurich and EPFL, Switzerland.,
Associate Editors:
Kazimierz Adamowski, Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa, Canada.
Benigno E. Aguirre, Professor, University of Delaware, USA.
Jean E. Berlamont, Professor, University of Leuven, Belgium.
Mitja Brilly, Professor, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Colin Green, Professor, Middlesex university, UK.
Khaled H. Hamed, Associate Professor, Cairo University, Egypt.
Anisul Haque, Professor, Bangladesh University of Engineering and
Technology, Bangladesh.
Peter Kinnell, Associate Professor, University of Canberra, Australia.
Donald W. Knight, Emeritus Professor, University of Birmingham, UK.
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IUT Head of Water Department
Former V. Prof. of Princeton University
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Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Flood Engineering (JFE)
Editor, Bulletin of Statistics and Economics (BEE)
Guest Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Water (IJW)
Guest Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Global Energy Issues
Regional Editor, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
Regional Editor, Journal of Applied Sciences (ISI Index)
Regional Editor, Research Journal of Environmental Sciences (ISI
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