Monday, April 27, 2009

update about flood relief action

A meeting was held on 22 April, 09 at Patna regarding flood relief action in which Mr. Sanjay Kumar (coordinator), Mr. kamleshwari sahu (freedom fighter), Mr. Bikash kumar (key activist), Mr. Sunil Kumar ( assist. Activist), Mr. Pawan kumar (coordinator, Madhepura) and Dharmendra kumar have participated.
Main agenda:
1. Wapsi
2. Rickshaw
3. Home construction
4. ASB trip
5. Dr. sheetal team Trip

First of all we reviewed the situation of ongoing works in these areas. We feel proud our work bcz there are only 2-3 NGOs are working out of more than 100 ngos who were working willingly at the time of flood. We also feel the depth of good partnership with Goonj in wapsi project. Similarly we feel proud on partnership with ASB. Bcz a team of 15 members are coming to this area in next week and ready to stay happily in remote villages. As you know this is their 3rd trip. And they stayed in villages last two times also. During last 6 months, AID INDIA gain respect more than expectation. That’s why, last week UNICEF has charged for breaking code of election but AID INDIA had notified 2 times in Alamnagar but not charged by the administration.
We made plan as below:
1. Wapsi: for your information, we are doing a livelihood project named Wapsi with coordination with Goonj. In this project we first survey to skilled people who have some skills but have not tools or equipment. We verify the list and give them tools. Most important things that in our opinion, there are not skilled person only carpenter, barber, Tailor, Blacksmith, shopkeeper, gumtiwala etc. but physical laborers are also skilled for labor. So we provide to them also KUDAL, TASLA, MAUNI etc. we provide to skilled person tools related to their skills.

Our planning to give tools and equipment to 3000 families from 17 may onwards. In addition we have distributed 516 families and stopped due to code of election.
Contact person
Kamleshwari Sahu




2. Rickshaw: all 25 rickshaw shall be ready to distribute on 10 May and be distributed at Aalamnagar. There will be printed on backside of cycle rickshaw :

Badh piditon ke sahaytarth
Ka swarojgar Yatra
(self employment journey of AID INDIA for the help of flood victims)
Aalmnagar block- 5 rickshaws
Madhepura Town- 7 rickshaws
Mirganj chawk- 3 rickshaws
Saharsa town – 5 rickshaws
Khagaria-5 rickshaws
We are taking an affidavit paper from all benefisharies on 5 points. i.e. they are agree to receive rickshaw with terms of AID INDIA. They can’t sell rickshaw. If they became unsocial or become accused to any unsocial events, AID can seize rickshaw. All income should be expensed by the opinion with his wife or families. i.e. he is not permitted to expense his income for drinking wine.

3. Home construction: as you know it is building at a remote village in Aalamnagar block. There are more than 100 families and their home are washed out. We have plan to build home for 20 families of most backward classes and they have not hope with govt. we have started to layout but due to code of election administration said to stop. Materials are purchased and agreement had been made. We shall start it on 11th morning. We are not giving labor cost and furniture. But we should think about common hall, hand pipe and latrine rooms.
4. ASB trip: a team from American school of Bombay of 15 members is coming Bihar for 8th may to 12th may. They have collected more than 8.80 lacks. They are going to distributes supplies with these money. So we have planned to distribute supplies like school kit bags for 2000 students, family kit for 500 people and solar lamps for 490 families. School kit bag contains of a school bag, 6 coppies, 2 pencils, 2 sharpeners, 2 erasers, 1 pen and 1 Tiffin box. Family kit contains 1 bed sheet and 1 mosquito net. So plan for ASB team as below:
Reach at patna 8th and night hault at shivnagar village of beldaur block of Khagaria district.
9th day visit Ekha and bind toli villages
9th night at keshopur village of aalamnagar block of Madhepura district
10th day visit of Tilaknagar, Pharsaha and Dhelha villages of this block.
11th morning Kalyanpatti village and afternoon start for Patna
12th morning – interaction with people at Patna and fly
They will distribute supplies in those villages too.

5. Dr. sheetal team trip: A doctors team of 10-15 persons is coming Bihar on 3rd July to 18th july. In fact, we have stopped our medical camps and other health relief. I wrote to dr. sheetal also. but she is contacting me so many times and showed their commitments about Bihar. She told me that team is committed to give their service in Bihar. She was ready to come in Bihar and if I have problem in flood area, her team is ready to give service anywhere in Bihar. Ultimately we feel that it will be injustice with society, if we haven’t arranged their trip. People are ready from first time to receive service and it is needed too. In fact these are the rare opportunities for us too. Actually we want to concentrate on educational activities.
In this meeting we finalize their prog. Also.
3-4 july: at Patna or nearby
5th night at flood area.
6-8th july at keshopur in Aalamnagar block
9th july Kalyanpatti of Madhepura
10-11 july Budhama
13 July- Balamgarhiya
14 July- Silet of Saur block Of Saharsa dist
15 july Shivnagar of beldaur block of Khagaria dist
16-17 July at rakasia and achhua village of dulhinbazar block of Patna dist.

Note : a team from IIT madras will come here for livelihood training and computer training under leadership of Mr. Mithun Kumar. We shall plan after getting their final date.

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